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Private issues banknotes

Before the Commonwealth started issuing distinctive banknotes in 1910, many private banknotes circulated in Australia. Most of the banks issuing them fell between boom an depression cycles. Most of the banknotes from the following list of private institutions are very scarce and are mostly found in specimen or proof condition.

After the Australian Not Act was passsed, from 1910 to 1914, the Commonwealth bought a lot of the unused notes from private banks and printed worded script on them. These bankntoes are also called superscribed banknotes. It is only in 1945 that the Government prohibited banks to print notes.

Private issuers

Issuers Dates Superscribed
Australian and European Bank Limited 1874-1879
Australian Banking Company Limited 1886-1891
Australian Bank of Commerce Limited 1910 Yes
Australian Joint Stock Bank Limited 1853-1910
Bank of Adelaide 1865-1910 Yes
Bank of Australasia 1835-1910
Bank of Australia 1826-1842 Yes
Bank of Newcastle 1828-1829
Bank of New South Wales 1817-1910 Yes
Bank of New Zealand 1882-1902
Bank of North Queensland 1859-1893
Bank of Parramatta ~1830
Bank of Queensland Limited 1863-1866
Bank of South Australia Limited 1836-1891
Bank of Tasmania 1854-1878
Bank of Van Diemen's Land Limited 1824-1881
Bank of Victoria Limited 1853-1910 Yes
Bank of Western Australia 1837-1841
Bathurst Bank 1835-1840
City Bank of Sydney 1864-1900 Yes
City of Melbourne Bank Limited 1875-1873
Colonial Bank, Van Diemens Land 1840-1843
Colonial Bank of Australia Limited 1856-1906
Commercial Bank of Australia Limited 1880-1910 Yes
Commercial Bank of South Australia 1830-1910
Commercial Bank of Tasmania Limited Yes
Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited Yes
Cornwall Bank 1828
Derwent Bank 1827-1832
English, Scottish and Australian Bank Limited 1852-1907 Yes
Excelsior Bank 1880
Federal Bank of Australia Limited 1882-1893
London Bank of Australia Limited 1853-1903 Yes
Mercantile Bank of Australia 1890
Mercantile Bank of Sydney 1876-1877
Metropolitan Bank Limited 1885-1909
National Bank of Australasia 1858-1888 Yes
New South Wales Government 1893
Oriental Bank Corporation 1852-1882
Port Phillip Bank 1839-1843
Producers' Bank 1855-1861
Provincial and Suburban Bank Limited 1877-1879
Queensland Government 1866-1910 Yes
Queensland National Bank Limited 1873-1877
Royal Bank of Australia (Boyd's) 1847
Royal Bank of Australia Limited 1888-1910 Yes
Royal Bank of Queensland 1886-1890
Sydney Bank 1826
Sydney Banking Company 1840
Sydney Deposit Bank 1890-1891
Town and Country Bank 1881
Union Bank of Australia Limited 1883-1905 Yes
Waterloo Company 1822-1834
Western Australian Bank 1841-1911 Yes

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