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Find the market price of australian banknotes, based on auctions sales from different auctioneers and online auctions.

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10 shillings 1913 - Low Serial Numbers

Sold privately in January 2000 to a Sydney collection, serial number M000001 sold for a reported $1,000,000 AUD.

In July 2005, at a Noble Numismatics auction in Sydney, two uncirculated Collins-Allen 1913 10 shillings pre-decimal banknotes with low serial numbers sold for $255,000 AUD (M000005) and $245,000 AUD (M000004). These banknotes also were part of Stanley Gibbons Auction (London) in 1976, and Dr Alan Nicholson Collection, Sale 49 (lot 1689 part). They were accompanied by an official envelope and a letter from the Prime Minister's office, on which Andrew Fisher has written:

Private/Australian notes/Nos 4 and 5 10/- denomination. Andrew Fisher 20/6/13.

The three earlier numbers were given to the daughter of the Governor-General who imprinted the first number, the second note was given to the Governor-General, and the third note was presented to his young son.

In April 2012, serial numbers M000054 and M000055 sold for $103,000 AUD and $110,000 AUD respectively. These were part of M.P.Vort-Ronald Collection, Spink Australia Sale 24 (lot 14). Back in 1913, as federal member for Fremantle, William Hedges applied for and paid for these numbers M000054 and M000055 which were issued to him together with an accompanying letter from one of the note signatories, George T.Allen, who was Secretary to the Treasury.

In April 1999, serial number M000089 sold at auction for $61,000 AUD.

In November 1994, serial numbers M000504 and M000505 sold for $20,000 AUD and $19,000 AUD respectively.

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