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Bank of Van Diemen's Land Limited - Banknotes

The Bank of Van Diemen's Land Limited, Tasmania's first bank, was established in Hobart Town in 1823 with a charter which was very similar to that of the Bank of New South Wales. One of the bank's founders was the prominent Hobart Town merchant, Thomas Lempriere.

In 1834, the company's operations in northern Tasmania were taken over by the Tamar Bank.

Reflecting the dollar standard of the times, the Bank of Van Diemen's Land's original capital was $400,000 in $200 shares. The company, known locally as simply the 'Old Bank', was successful in its early operations, surviving for 68 years. However, the financial downturn of the early 1890's led to a run on the bank's deposits, forcing it to suspend payments and then close in 1891.

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