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Queensland Government - Banknotes

The Queensland Government Treasury first issued notes in 1866. During the financial crisis of the 1890's, emergency notes were issued using note stock from 8 banks - Australian Joint Stock Bank, Bank of Australasia, Bank of New South Wales, Bank of North Queensland, Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, Queensland National Bank, Royal Bank of Queensland and Union Bank of Australia. The notes were superscribed on both sides with the words 'GOVERNMENT OF QUEENSLAND TREASURY NOTE payable on demand. HUGH M NELSON, Colonial Treasurer. Treasury, Brisbane, 2nd June, 1893.

The Queensland Government withdrew the right for banks to issue their own notes, leaving them with little choice but to use the Treasury notes in their place. The Treasury quickly arranged for the printing of plain lettered notes to replace the superscribed emergency issues.

In 1911, the Queensland Government, along with 16 banks, supplied blank note forms to the Australian Government. These notes were superscribed as redeemable in gold and issued as the first Commonwealth notes.

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