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Bank of North Queensland Limited - Banknotes

The Bank of North Queensland was a small institution, established in Townsville in 1888, during boom economic times. The bank's main area of operation was confined to the northern areas of Queensland. It amalgamated with the Royal Bank of Queensland in 1917 to become the Bank of Queensland Limited. This company, in turn, was absorbed by the National Bank of Australasia in 1922, and is now a part of the National Australia Banking Group Limited.

Banknotes were issued at branches in Brisbane, Sydney and Townsville. Unofficial notes dated 1900 also exist. It is thought that the notes were for demonstration purposes.

Bank of North Queensland Limited - 1888 to 1893

1, 5, 10, 20, 50 pounds notes were produced.

Bank of North Queensland Limited - 1859 to 1890

Only a 1 pound notes were made.

1 pound 1859 to 1890 (Proof)

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