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Martin & Sach, Ironmongers, Adelaide, South Australia

By Museums Victoria    |   Tuesday, 5 November 2019

The earliest reference to Martin & Sach was found in the 1854 Royal South Australian Almanac, when they were listed as Ironmongers of Hindley Street. The same listing appeared the following year. In the 1858 edition the business was positioned more precisely, at 82 Hindley Street. This is the year identified in the Museum Victoria Catalogue as the most likely year for the issue of their tokens.

Martin & Sach - Ironmongers
Martin & Sach - Ironmongers - 1 penny 1858

To produce this token issue a single obverse was combined with three stock standing Justice reverse dies. The simplest way to identify the reverse dies is by measuring the distance between the first A of Australia and the horizon line of the ocean. In addition, the extension of the scale bar and the die alignment can be used.

The earliest advertisement located for Martin and Sach was not for their role as Ironmongers, but an 1862 entry for their role as the 'Wholesale agents for South Australia' for Lea and Perrins' Worcestershire Sauce (The South Australian Advertiser, 6 January 1862, p. 1). An advertisement from 1867 indicates that they had maintained this agency until at least the start of that year.

Records indicate that Martin and Sach kept their Rundle Street address until 1867 at least, and that over time they expanded their premises. In 1864 and 1867 they were listed at 78, 80 and 82 Hindley Street. (Adelaide Almanac, Town and Country Directory and Guide to South Australia, 1864 & 1867)

In 1864 the firm took out a half page advertisement in the South Australian Almanac, listing some of their range of goods, including 'Sheepshears, Turkey Stones', 'Axles, Springs, Cart Arms, Moulds' and 'Hair and Flock Mattresses, Baths'.

In 1867 they took out a half page advertisement in the National Directory of South Australia for 1867 - 1868, listing a huge range of commercial and domestic ironmongery, as well as the sauce mentioned above.

In 1870 Martin and Sach do not appear in the Adelaide Almanac, Town and Country Directory and Guide to South Australia, but in the following year's edition 'F & S Sach, Ironmongers' took out a full page advertisement for their business at 58 Rundle Street. It seems likely that Sach established his own business after the end of his partnership with Martin. In addition to listing a range of ironmongery goods, the advertisement stated that the firm was 'South Australian Agents for the Britannia Company's Sewing Machines.'

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