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Two dollar - 2024 to 2024 - Price Guide

Two dollar Australian coins showing an archetype of an Aboriginal tribal elder on reverse were released for the first time in circulation on June 20, 1988 to replace the two dollar note which had a short service life through high use. Numerous designers were invited to contribute designs for the two dollar coin based on a brief to include a representation of the head and shoulders of an Aboriginal Australian, the Southern Cross and Australian flora.

The size of the two dollar was determined after consideration of the needs of the visually impaired community, security considerations, a desire to avoid shaped coins, practical limitations to the diameter and thickness of coins, and to allow for future expansion of Australia's circulating coin array.

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Variety MS-60 MS-61 MS-62 MS-63 MS-64 MS-65
2024 ------
Variety MS-66 MS-67 MS-68 MS-69 MS-70
2024 -----

You can find the price guide and value of uncirculated and proof 2 dollars coins.

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