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Proof restrikes of the 1942 and 1943 Bombay Mint Penny and Halfpenny

By AG    |   Tuesday, 23 November 2004

1942 Proof Half Penny

In 1964, coin collectors in Australia and the United States were informed that proof Australian coins were being sold by the Bombay Mint. Sales of these coins were restricted to one set per person and were not available by mail order. Some collectors with friends in Bombay, after a considerable amount of negotiation, managed to obtain the sets.

The four coins in the set were:

  • 1942 Penny - 'I' mintmark
  • 1942 Halfpenny - 'I' mintmark
  • 1943 Penny - 'I' mintmark
  • 1943 Halfpenny - 'I' mintmark

Sales of these specimens, and other restruck coins, were later offered to collectors by the Bombay Mint in a prepared circular issued in May, 1965. The Australian halfpenny and penny for the years 1942 and 1943 were listed in the circular at 16.50 rupees each plus a forwarding charge of 15 rupees per set of 2 coins.

Collectors received the coins in early 1966, packaged in a small wooden box. Each coin was wrapped in tissue inside a small envelope with the letters H.M's Mint, the letter 'A' and the denomination and date of the coin.

Details of the restrikes were reported in the press towards the end of March, 1966. Officials in Canberra took appropriate action and, at the request of the Australian Government, the Master of the Bombay Mint, Mr V J Joshi advised that production of the restrikes had ceased. He reported that only a small number of sets had been struck.

Soon afterwards, the dies were returned to the Royal Australian Mint.

The coins were struck from old dies that had been treated and cleaned with an abrasive, as fine scratches and tiny pitmarks are evident under the highly polished and laquered surface of the coins.

All specimens were superbly well struck. The 1942 halfpenny has large denticles around the rim instead of beads.

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