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50 cents 1969 - Yarralumla PNC

By CAA    |   Monday, 8 March 2021

50 cents 1969 - Yarralumla

In 1969, the Nuphll Associates Ltd of Christchurch New Zealand wanted to create The Yarra or Yarralumla, which was a postal numismatic cover (NPC). Because of the the amendment of the Currency Act September, changes of shape (dodecagonal instead of round) and alloy (cupronickel instead of silver), Nuphil asked the Royal Australian Mint for around 2,000 50-cents coins just before the main production began.

From the 2,000 coins ordered, only 1,300 to 1,650 were used for the Nuphll covers, which were sold for $7 at the time, and the rest was available at the Mint Shop. These particular coins were produced on unpolished blanks, which gives them a specimen finish.

50 cents 1969 - Yarralumla postal numismatic cover

Yarralumla is a suburb of Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Located approximately 3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi) south-west of the city, Yarralumla extends along the south-west bank of Lake Burley Griffin from Scrivener Dam to Commonwealth Avenue. Like the rest of Canberra, Yarralumla forms part of the traditional lands of the Ngunnawal people. The area is part of two original land grants made to free settlers for the establishment of farms.


  • Alloy: 75% copper and 25% nickel
  • Weight : 15.55 g
  • Diameter: 31.5 mm
  • Engraver: Obverse: Arnold Machin, Reverse: Stuart Devlin

Rarity and value

PCGS certified 43 of this specimen:

  • SP-62: 1
  • SP-64: 6
  • SP-65: 11
  • SP-66: 20
  • SP-67: 15

In 2020, Imperial Auctions sold 3 of these, all graded SP-66:

  • September 2: $1,250
  • October 14: $925
  • November 30: $1,225

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