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K prefix Star notes ✩

Prefixes and signatures

  • Armitage-McFarlane: K47 to K81

List of currently registred K star notes ✩ serial numbers.

31 serial numbers found with K


Serial number Source Certification Signatures
K46 05174✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K49 00712✩Dealer Armitage-McFarlane
K49 01669✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K52 04972✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
K52 08822✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K56 06178✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K56 08567✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
K58 00004✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane

Low serial number.

K58 03537✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
K61 07031✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K62 01478✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
K64 04842✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K64 04843✩Vort-Ronald Armitage-McFarlane
K65 02969✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K65 08208✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K66 01273✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K68 02777✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K68 06615✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K72 00426✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K73 02485✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K73 08140✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane

This banknote sold for $18,000 at auction in April 2017.

K74 04272✩Vort-Ronald Armitage-McFarlane
K76 02960✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K79 03873✩Ebay Armitage-McFarlane
K80 09400✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K81 02996✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
K81 05546✩Auction PMG - EF-40 Armitage-McFarlane
K81 06863✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K82 01478✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K84 01815✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
K84 09508✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane

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