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I prefix Star notes ✩

Prefixes and signatures

  • Armitage-McFarlane: I0
  • Coombs-Watt: I0 to I9

List of currently registred I star notes ✩ serial numbers.

127+1 serial numbers found with I


Serial number Source Certification Signatures
I0 02696✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
I0 03126✩Vort-Ronald Armitage-McFarlane
I0 10420✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
I0 12848✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
I0 17590✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
I0 18128✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
I0 33653✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
I0 36829✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
I0 39381✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
I0 46152✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
I0 59352✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
I0 60773✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
I0 60961✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
I0 73102✩Vort-Ronald Armitage-McFarlane
I0 86458✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
I0 87391✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
I0 87849✩Auction AU-55 - PCGS Coombs-Watt

The only known Coombs-Watt I0 prefix star note in existence. According to some, it was a printing overrun error from the Armitage McFarlane series.

I1 06936✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 20034✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 26018✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 28985✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Watt
I1 40754✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 46259✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 46259✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 55196✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 64693✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 77037✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 78353✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 85177✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 90911✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 90912✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I1 93223✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I2 12929✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I2 15538✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I2 23722✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I2 34604✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I2 43161✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I2 65734✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I2 67332✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I2 77836✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I2 87547✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I2 89017✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I2 90412✩Ebay Circulated Coombs-Watt
I2 94517✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I3 06960✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I3 26916✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I3 38170✩Auction PMG - GUNC-65 Coombs-Watt
I3 43532✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I3 45040✩Ebay Circulated Coombs-Watt
I3 51262✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I3 60528✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I3 98052✩Vort-Ronald Coombs-Watt
I4 14394✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I4 17530✩Vort-Ronald Coombs-Watt
I4 40754✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I4 47551✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I4 49237✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I4 65714✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I4 71175✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I4 81759✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I5 05849✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Watt
I5 08521✩Ebay Circulated Coombs-Watt
I5 14247✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I5 16282✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I5 22585✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I5 23843✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I5 24188✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I5 38170✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I5 38477✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I5 40324✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I5 80599✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I6 08294✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I6 10017✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I6 30168✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I6 37444✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I6 44866✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I6 96946✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I7 15810✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I7 16439✩Vort-Ronald Coombs-Watt
I7 16614✩Vort-Ronald Coombs-Watt
I7 21912✩Vort-Ronald Coombs-Watt
I7 22319✩Vort-Ronald Coombs-Watt
I7 23266✩Ebay Coombs-Watt
I7 24445✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I7 27272✩Auction Coombs-Watt

2 digits radar, 2 digits repeater.

I7 30234✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I7 39576✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I7 60613✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I7 64843✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I7 66111✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I7 71846✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I7 77042✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I7 81011✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I7 90492✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I7 96333✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 08244✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 13153✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 16784✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 17310✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 34368✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 43755✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 45880✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 53649✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 56091✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 61925✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 62971✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 63943✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 68672✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 69038✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 71010✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 71426✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 79513✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 86681✩Vort-Ronald Coombs-Watt
I8 94698✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I8 96864✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I9 03377✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I9 12437✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I9 16217✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I9 18197✩Dealer Coombs-Watt
I9 27887✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I9 39834✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I9 45723✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I9 60049✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I9 70714✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I9 72722✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I9 78183✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I9 78184✩Auction Coombs-Watt
I9 96696✩Auction Coombs-Watt

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