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HC prefix Star notes ✩

Prefixes and signatures

  • Coombs-Wilson: HC90 to HC99

List of currently registred HC star notes ✩ serial numbers.

21+1 serial numbers found with HC


Serial number Source Certification Signatures
HC91 11183✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
HC91 14897✩Ebay Circulated Coombs-Wilson
HC91 24036✩Auction Coombs-Wilson

This banknote sold for $8,800 at auction in September 2015.

HC91 36231✩Auction PCGS - VF-25 Coombs-Wilson
HC91 41690✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
HC92 08495✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
HC92 51095✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
HC93 65047✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
HC95 34776✩Auction PMG - VF-35 Coombs-Wilson
HC96 05627✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
HC96 05628✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
HC96 22894✩Ebay Coombs-Wilson
HC96 60276✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
HC96 65970✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
HC97 17321✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
HC97 42788✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
HC97 57509✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
HC98 24951✩Ebay Coombs-Wilson
HC98 55820✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
HC98 60523✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
HC99 03550✩Auction PCGS - VF-30 Coombs-Wilson
HC99 39470✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
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