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G prefix Star notes ✩

Prefixes and signatures

  • Armitage-McFarlane: G50 to G95
  • Coombs-Watt: G96 to G99

List of currently registred G star notes ✩ serial numbers.

91 serial numbers found with G


Serial number Source Certification Signatures
G50 01331✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G51 01779✩Vort-Ronald Armitage-McFarlane
G51 02337✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G52 02706✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
G52 04950✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G53 03962✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G54 02759✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G54 03085✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G54 04774✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G54 06043✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G55 01897✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G55 06270✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G56 01204✩Vort-Ronald Armitage-McFarlane
G56 01205✩Vort-Ronald Armitage-McFarlane
G56 05256✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G58 01354✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
G59 01297✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G59 05485✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G59 09040✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G62 00389✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
G62 02464✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G65 03466✩Vort-Ronald Armitage-McFarlane
G65 07120✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G67 02500✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G68 04152✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G69 04567✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G69 08061✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G69 11627✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G69 13486✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G71 01078✩Dauer Armitage-McFarlane
G72 07136✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G74 04991✩Auction PCGS - CUNC-63 Armitage-McFarlane
G74 11018✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G95 06426✩Ebay Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
G95 18787✩Vort-Ronald Armitage-McFarlane
G95 24393✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G95 26964✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G95 37369✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G95 42843✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G95 43657✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G95 44041✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G95 45984✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane
G95 49076✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G95 50829✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G95 68260✩Vort-Ronald Armitage-McFarlane
G95 78236✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G95 87379✩Auction Circulated Armitage-McFarlane

This banknote sold for $15,000 at auction in September 2015.

G95 90435✩Auction Armitage-McFarlane
G95 98447✩Dealer Armitage-McFarlane
G96 02143✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G96 15983✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G96 27485✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G96 34917✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G96 34918✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G96 72247✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G96 82475✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G96 88050✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G97 46369✩Ebay Circulated Coombs-Watt
G97 62300✩Vort-Ronald Coombs-Watt
G97 62933✩Stephen C. Prior Coombs-Watt
G97 65096✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G97 66210✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G97 82275✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G97 84330✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G98 11554✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Watt
G98 24228✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Watt
G98 26276✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G98 29036✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G98 31288✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G98 47978✩Vort-Ronald Coombs-Watt
G98 51498✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G98 55585✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G98 67048✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G98 67048✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G98 77162✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G98 81878✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G98 88050✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G98 89148✩Ebay Circulated Coombs-Watt
G98 93787✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G99 11589✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G99 19675✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G99 37079✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G99 41826✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G99 50428✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G99 55506✩Vort-Ronald Coombs-Watt
G99 64628✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G99 72183✩Vort-Ronald Coombs-Watt
G99 81053✩Auction Coombs-Watt

This banknote sold for $7,500 at auction in September 2015. It previously sold for $13,000 in November 2011.

G99 86327✩Auction Coombs-Watt
G99 88736✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Watt
G99 91826✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Watt

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