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AE prefix Star notes ✩

Prefixes and signatures

  • Coombs-Wilson: AE90 to AC99

List of currently registred AE star notes ✩ serial numbers.

72+3 serial numbers found with AE


Serial number Source Certification Signatures
AE90 04341✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE90 22935✩Auction PMG - CUNC-63 Coombs-Wilson
AE90 60855✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE91 42348✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE92 34056✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE92 51056✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE92 51255✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE92 74376✩Ebay Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE93 15840✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE93 66157✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE94 17319✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE94 28204✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE94 30148✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE94 51270✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE94 72563✩Auction PMG - VF-30 Coombs-Wilson
AE95 00878✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE95 94677✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE95 99228✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE96 06811✩Auction PCGS - AU-55 Coombs-Wilson
AE96 13228✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE96 17671✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE96 27063✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE96 48529✩Ebay PCGS - VF-20 Coombs-Wilson
AE96 54257✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE96 71047✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE96 71983✩Ebay Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE96 76787✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE96 77563✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE97 04274✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE97 21168✩Ebay Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE97 32137✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE97 33671✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE97 54612✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE98 00002✩Auction Coombs-Wilson

Low serial number.

AE98 00185✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE98 01026✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE98 01027✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE98 01028✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE98 04957✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE98 06872✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE98 26638✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE98 40633✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE98 46962✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE98 52718✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE98 72011✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE98 99196✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 03086✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 05397✩Auction PMG - VF-30 Coombs-Wilson
AE99 12045✩Ebay Coombs-Wilson
AE99 13252✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE99 19968✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 21644✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 24386✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 26383✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 26384✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 35204✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 35204✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 38800✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 43859✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE99 49846✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 56001✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 58191✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 61998✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 62224✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE99 64984✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 65132✩Ebay PCGS - VF-35 Coombs-Wilson
AE99 67040✩Ebay Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE99 72225✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE99 78893✩Ebay Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE99 79705✩Auction Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE99 90797✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 96920✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 98126✩Ebay Circulated Coombs-Wilson
AE99 98612✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
AE99 98785✩Auction Coombs-Wilson
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