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Roland Wilson

After a short academic career, Wilson joined the public service in 1932 and was quickly appointed Commonwealth Statistician. He then served as Secretary of the Department of Labour and National Service where he contributed to Australia’s economic approach to World War II. In 1951, he was appointed Secretary of the Treasury - he remains Australia’s longest serving Treasury Secretary, with almost 16 years of service. After retiring from the public service, Wilson was Chairman on the boards of the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Commonwealth Bank and Qantas Airways.

Wilson - Signature on Australian banknote

Wilson signature on Australian banknotes

Wilson appears on the following banknotes:

  • Twenty dollars 1966 to 1993 (Coombs-Wilson)
  • Ten dollars 1966 to 1993 (Coombs-Wilson)
  • Two dollars 1966 to 1988 (Coombs-Wilson)
  • One dollar 1966 to 1984 (Coombs-Wilson)
  • Ten pounds 1954 to 1966 (Coombs-Wilson)
  • Ten pounds 1940 to 1954 (Coombs-Wilson)
  • Five pounds 1954 to 1966 (Coombs-Wilson)
  • Five pounds 1939 to 1954 (Coombs-Wilson)
  • One pound 1953 to 1966 (Coombs-Wilson)
  • One pound 1938 to 1953 (Coombs-Wilson)
  • Ten shillings 1954 to 1966 (Coombs-Wilson)
  • Ten shillings 1939 to 1954 (Coombs-Wilson)

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