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George Percival Norman Watt

In 1923 Watt became civil secretary, Department of Defence, Garden Island, Sydney. Appointed a public service inspector in 1928, he was the inspector for Victoria from 1936. Following the outbreak of World War II, he was transferred on a temporary basis to the Commonwealth Treasury as head of the defence division in Melbourne. Deputy-secretary to the Treasury in 1946, he became the secretary in 1948, succeeding S. G. McFarlane.

Watt - Signature on Australian banknote

Watt signature on Australian banknotes

Watt appears on the following banknotes:

  • Ten pounds 1940 to 1954 (Coombs-Watt)
  • Five pounds 1939 to 1954 (Coombs-Watt)
  • One pound 1938 to 1953 (Coombs-Watt)
  • Ten shillings 1939 to 1954 (Coombs-Watt)

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